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This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Formule moy1 is a French blog that eats F1, sleeps F1 and sometimes texts F1 to ask if it loves it back. The word “Formule moy1” is a French pun invented by yours truly and could be understood in English as “Formulaverage”. Here, we tell stories of the men in the shadows. Meaning the not-so-great driver. This little known strange character has been making up 80% of the F1 field ever since the creation of the World Championship (source: me).

But how do you tell apart the bests from the worsts? Actually, it is quite easy. The “mediocre” ones tend to drive off the road or crash his car. In other words, he just keeps on retiring. He has the top speed of a bicycle and the precision of his steering is way more improvised than mastered.


On “Formule moy1”, we have ethics. We do criticize but we try to be as less constructive as possible. Teams and drivers may be mocked (I insist with the “may” word, because I’m lacking auto-criticism so I really can’t tell) BUT we do want first and foremost to pay tribute.

So tribute, yes indeed, but also remembrance. How can you pay tribute if you don’t remember, for instance, Pierluigi Martini‘s epic first-row qualifying at the 1990 US GP or the miracle made by Roberto Moreno at Monaco in 1992? Many, many teams from the back of the grid did a lot of things that got forgotten. “Formule moy1” was founded to restore the facts and to correct this Injustice (with a capital I).


Young learned man of childbearing age, I must confess my love for motorsport. My admiration for Formula 1 antiheroes knows no bounds. The purpose of this blog is to remember who were those lesser drivers, to pay one last tribute and to acknowledge their sometimes short, often absurd racing careers.


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